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Workshops &Training

Helping you improve your marketing

We deliver workshops on a variety of marketing subjects.  Workshops can be delivered to groups from within a single organisation or to groups of individuals. We also offer one-to-one training sessions.

Recent workshop and training subjects include:

  • Marketing review - explore ways to help convert more sales leads into profitable business
  • Web site review session - decide what / if your web site needs to do better
  • Social Media - your business voice 
  • Advanced social media - a workshop for regular social media users 
  • Setting up and Managing Facebook FOR BUSINESS
  • Making the most of LinkedIn
  • Tweet up - Twitter users fun meet up to review and share what works and what doesn't. 
  • Email marketing success 
  • Improve your online marketing with low cost, web-based tools and services 
  • How to set up and manage online advertising campaigns 
  • Intellectual property - protect your business and profit from your ideas
  • Connecting, syncing and harnessing technology for easier marketing management - hooking up cloud services, apps, handheld devices etc

Prefer a one-to-one session on some of the above? No problem, here's how >> Marketing support options


“Catherine talks common sense when it comes to marketing, which is wonderfully refreshing for a small business trying to achieve top results on a tight budget. Her practical, down-to-earth approach is both reassuring and motivating. I found her social media workshop and her general advice extremely helpful.”

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