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Market Research & Analysis

Market research is vital.  Market research is detailed 

We have specialists on the team who love this subject and this detail. As with so many marketing subjects, market research requires technology and someone who can interpret raw data. Katie works on market research, Tony eats data for breakfast, Catherine makes sure that the knowledge is put to good use. This dream team will help your organisation put into place market research programmes, manage them effectively and interpret the results.  

What will you do with your results?

Market research feedback can lead in a circular motion straight back towards improving your marketing and targeting. If there has been interrogation of data, the results could point the way to driving process improvement. Or it could be that your organisation can capitalise on the value of your data.  

Using a range of techniques from on-site interviews to online surveys, we will assist you with gaining market and customer insights that will enhance your business:

  • customer satisfaction
  • benchmarking
  • image and awareness
  • buyer motivation
  • market research
  • channel development
  • web statistics (eg Google Analytics)

Our three MUSTS

1. To be sure that we understand your business objectives
2. To ensure that the value you derive is in line with your investment
3. To present finds which tangibly contribute to your commercial objectives

Call 01335 289075 to discuss your Market Research Programmes and Data Analysis requirements