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Online Marketing

Finding & satisfying customers online

A good-looking, structurally sound website can be crucial to enhancing your brand image online. It can attract sales prospects, build consumer confidence and support customer service.  That is the on-page marketing sorted out - then there is the off-page marketing and online advertising to take care of.

If you need help with any stage of your web marketing please call us in -
  • creating the strategy
  • setting you up from scratch
  • improving what you are already doing
  • teaching you how to optimise your site
  • running on-line marketing campaigns
  • web reviews
  • even troubleshooting

Web design - enhancing your brand image online

We are a bit different to most 'web designers'. Our approach is to look at the online tools that will work best for your business. A web site, of some sort, is likely to be at the heart of it. There are options!

Whatever the web design project scope, we break it into three initial parts:

  • the content and messages - how you position your business.
  • the brand and design - the application of your corporate image
  • the techy bit - the structure behind the scenes. Setting it up to be search engine friendly.

We have three experts involved; a specialist in each area. We've honed this service over the years, but there is always something fresh to consider. More so than ever with Social Media Marketing.

We have heard, and picked up the pieces, of too many web projects where the client has innocently approached just one expert to deliver their web project.

The processes involved in delivering a web-based project.

In a nutshell:

  • content is created by our marketing communication experts. We bash it about in a word processing package for ease of collaboration with the client. The content and division of information is agreed this way.
  • the design and branding is created on the mac - mocking up layout options for viewing in pdf format and ease of discussion and amendment. Plus, images are cut and buffed by our graphic designer.
  • the techy bit for a new or revised web site is implemented offline in our development area. Web technicians are brilliant if they have a great brief they can comment on - hence the two points above. 
  • hosting - we can upload your site to your own webhost or we can host it for you.

Is your web site being read by your target audience?

Once a web site is in place it needs to be put to work.  Drive traffic to it! And you need to keep an eye on it too. 

We support and monitor web sites for corporate clients and SMEs.

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